seeing the boys in non-skinny jeans makes me feel weird


why do 5sos think middle aged men are such jokes i can’t wait until they’re middle aged so that young men can sell albums to them


stabbing me would hurt less


get rich or die 9 times trying


get rich or die 9 times trying


when u take a cookie without askin mama



Ashton hand appreciation.


it makes me sad when ashton gets embarrassed about his big hands because i just wanna hold my hand up to his hand and lace my fingers though his and hold his hand forever and listen to him giggle about how small my hands are compared to his and tell him that his hands are perfect and lovely just the way they are 


sometimes i just really want to cuddle ashton and play with his hair and tickle his back so he can fall asleep at night i want to be able to roll over and rest my arm on his chest i want to make him food and kiss his cheek and go to a park and just sit in the sun doing nothing for hours. i want to…


So you know how Ashton has big hands, like really really big hands with really really really long fingers that I would like inside me am obsessed with? I thought I’d make a masterpost dedicated to them.

Prepare yourselves.


fucking hell is that a normal sized phone or a fucking tiny one? I’m 99% sure his little finger is the same height as the fucking phone

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